The 3rd International Conference on Advanced High Strength Steel and Press Hardening (ICHSU 2016)

中国西安 August 25-27, 2016, Xian,China
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The Third International Conference on Advanced High Strength Steel and Press Hardening(ICHSU 2016) will be held on August, 2016 in Xian, China. Topics:High performance sheet metal hot forming material, process and equipments.(Click here to download the notice

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Organizing Committee of ICHSU 2016

Conference Introduction

The Third International Conference on Advanced High Strength Steel and Press Hardening will be held on August, 2016 in Xian, China. The conference will be a grand academic convention around the material, processes, equipment research and market service of high performance sheet metal after the very successful 2014 conference in Chongqing and 2015 conference in Changsha.

In 2015 the automotive production and marketing in China still ranked first in the world. China has become the last and biggest automotive market, but energy-saving emission reduction and safety are always the focus during the development of automotive industry. The light-weight of vehicle is the most direct and effective means and high performance sheet metal hot forming is the efficient and cost-effective technology to realize both the light-weight and assurance of safety. Also the prospects of advanced digital manufacturing technology and the huge market potential has been aroused strong interest. The hot stamping has developed at a breathtaking speed as soon as the technology enters China, and considerable progress has achieved in China. The huge demands not only make ICHSU being the exchange and exhibition platform of press hardening technology which arouses the interest from academics and industry all over the world, but also encourage and speed up the development of this technology through different technology development path and competition between enterprises, and provide opportunities for expanding application of light-weighting components in China auto industry.


Just in this situation, we decided to convene the third international conference on AHSS and press hardening. The conference topics will include the following aspects:

The conference will uphold the purpose of the previous ICHSU to provide an international platform to the academic and industrial peers for exhibition and exchange of application achievement of advanced forming technology and understanding development in the future about research and application in China and the world.

On this platform, all participants, whether come from technology R&D units, equipment manufacturing units, automotive production enterprises with AHSS stamping parts, as well as the tooling and die manufacturing companies, or part design units, function test units, will have an unexpected harvest.

The conference will provide an opportunity to meet old friends, make new friends, exchange information, share the achievement and look forward to the future.

In addition to academic exchanges, the conference will also invite relevant enterprises to exhibit technology and equipment, and organize some exciting technological and social visits in return for delegates.

We sincerely invite domestic and foreign people around the world to actively participate in ICHSU2016 in Xian, China.

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Sofitel Xian On Renmin Square,

No.319 Dongxin Street, Xincheng District, Xi'an 710004, China


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